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Our 2022 New Year Challenge Starts Jan 15th

Lets start a year off right and begin as we mean to continue in 2022

The hardest part is starting...

It can all be a little overwhelming to step into a new gym or training program so we have developed the perfect way to walk you through training and eating for health with the awesome side benefit of an improved body composition. You will look, feel and perform better in just 30 days!

A complete program...

What's included:

  • Pre & Post body composition scans on the state of the art InBody 570

  • 4 small group training sessions to teach you how to move correctly, scale workouts, and train safely

  • Access to over 25 Classes per week including free childcare if needed at selected classes

  • Initial goal setting session with one of our amazing coaches

  • Ongoing support and accountability throughout the 30 days

  • Nutrition Seminar

  • Nutrition manual and Meal Plans

Places are limited so don't wait...!

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30 Day Body Transformation
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What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

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Renee, Life Changing

I joined the CrossAxed community about 3 years ago and my life changed forever!  I came to CrossAxed looking for something different and was instantly hooked. CrossAxed is for anyone, no matter your age, size or fitness level. The coaches treat everyone like an athlete, while scaling the workouts in order to avoid compromising form and therefore, results. The community at CrossAxed is so unique. Each and every member is welcoming, genuine and encouraging. It really has become part of my extended family. 


Dan, I love this place...

When I first started at CrossFit CrossAxed I had no idea what I was walking into, but the coaches provided ample guidance and coaching. 7 years later, I’m still going strong (pun intended). The thing that has always impressed me most is the culture and lack of ego in this gym. Everyone is welcome and supported from day one. It’s not by accident, it’s by design. Full credit to Rob and the team. I love this place.


Jeannette, Something for everyone...

I started at CrossAxed in 2017 and it has been amazing. The size of the gym, the facilities, the coaches, and the whole community are something I’ve never experienced before. Every person who walks through the door is accepted for who they are, and everyone supports one another. My 2 boys enjoy rookies and the teens classes. There is something for everyone at CrossAxed.

Send me details

Rob Noy
Owner & Head Coach

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As an early adopter of the CrossFit methodology,

Rob has poured his life into CrossFit CrossAxed and continues to do so.

With over 10 years of CrossFit coaching experience, and an additional 5 years of Personal Training prior to that, Rob brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the gym and his team of coaches. 

Along with coaching, Rob was also a professional Firefighter with the Queensland Fire & Rescue service for 17 years and while working on the front line he also trained & lead rescue teams for a majority of that time. This affords him an amazing perspective and honesty uncommon to most.

Rob's qualifications extend far but to list a few:

CF - L3

National Weightlifting Coaching Accreditation

CrossFit Gymnastics Advanced 

CrossFit Mobility

CrossFit Endurance

CrossFit Football

CrossFit Level 1, 2 & 3

Cert IV Personal Training

As mentioned Rob specialised in Rescue within the fire service which included:

Vertical Rescue

Swift Water Rescue

Urban Search and Rescue

Confined Space Rescue

Trench Rescue

Remote Rescue

A word from Rob - My passion for health and life is quite simple, I believe no one should miss out on doing things due to the state of their health or physical condition. Seeing parents unable to play with their kids or people not being able to do a physical task due to being overweight is heartbreaking. CrossFit sounds like a cult from the outside looking in but the reason everyone is so passionate is it truly is the best health program in history. It is for those pursuing excellence, those who understand doing what's easy and expecting results is a fool's errand & lastly it is for those wanting to be better no matter where you are starting. If that's you I would love you to join our team.


Leah Newbury
Coach & Operations Manager

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Leah has been training in CrossFit since 2011, becoming a member with us at CrossFit

CrossAxed in 2013. Over the years, Leah has participated in many CrossFit events including

Competitions at both Intermediate and Advanced levels. She started her CrossFit Coaching

journey recently, getting certified as a Level 1 Trainer in 2020.


Leah is relentless in wanting to learn more at this stage of her coaching career and

builds her knowledge base from other coaching staff and various learning materials.

It is Leah's passion to grow as a Coach, and ensure all her athletes are moving to correct

movement standards in each class.


Leah is our Operations Manager, stepping into coach every so often. She loves being able to lead everyone through a fun, safe, and efficient workout, with member experience at the forefront.


When Leah isn't coaching, you'll see her on the gym floor with members or taking care of various duties to assist Rob & Alex on the operational side of the business. Leah trains daily to remain strong and focused, and in her spare time, you'll likely see her with her pup.


Listen to our podcast with Leah


Dale Finlayson  Senior Coach

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Dale Finlayson started working for CrossFit CrossAxed in January of 2020 after owning

and running his own gym, CrossFit Alive, between November 2010 and November 2019

and being a Personal Trainer prior to that.


Born in 1982, Dale tried his hand at all sports during his schooling years but settled

on Rugby League predominantly in high school with touch football and bodyboarding

his main side pursuits into his early twenties.


Owning his own gym for 9 years has seen Dale coaching both in groups and

personally to a wide array of clients from those that competed at the CrossFit

Games and Regionals to National level weightlifters, emergency services

personnel, aspiring high school athletes, shift workers, and not least the vast

majority being general health and wellness clients whose main focus is improving

the quality of daily life. Having stepped back from competing in CrossFit and Weightlifting himself Dale is focused on the balance between being sustainable in his own health and fitness while being a great example to his two kids Asha and Lennox, being a great life partner and meeting the varying needs and goals of members from CrossAxed.

Listen top our Podcast with Dale

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