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CrossFit Kids CrossAxed

CrossFit Kids is a youth development program designed at improving strength, cardiovascular fitness, coordination and confidence in our kids. The reduction in Physical Education programs within our schools, the ongoing challenges of less than ideal food options and the increasing sedentary lifestyle our kids are becoming accustomed to is placing more pressure on time poor adults to keep their kids not only healthy but to help them achieve a good level of fitness.

Our kids program currently starts from 7 years old and goes into their teens, once our teens start progressing and have good movement patterns we assess their ability and discuss with the parents as to whether they are ready for the adult classes or not.

We have 3 age groups:

Rookies aged 7-9

Pre-Teens aged 10-12

Teens aged 13 and over

Prices Per Week

Unlimited CrossFit Ages 7-17                                       $35pw

Limited CrossFit Ages 7-17 (2 sessions per week)           $30pw

Single Sessioin 7-17                                                    $20pw

Rookies, Pre-Teens & Teens
Mon, Tues, Wed & Thursday
Rookies 7-9yo 3:30 pm
Pre-Teens 10-12 3:30 pm
Teens 4:15 pm


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